How to Care For Your Hookah

November 1, 2022

To preserve the flavor and sanitary condition of a hookah pipe, it’s essential that hookah users clean their hookah with every use. While you may be tempted to skip cleaning your hookah if it doesn’t look dirty on the outside, water that is sitting in the hookah can be a hotbed for germs and leave you struggling with health consequences if you don’t regularly clean your hookah before using it.

If you want to know more about cleaning your hookah pipe, read the article below for detailed instructions on how to get your hookah squeaky clean and ready to use.

How to Clean Hookah Pipe

When it comes to hookah pipe cleaning, it’s not too challenging once you get the hang of it. One of the most important parts of cleaning your hookah pipe is gathering all the necessary materials.

You’ll need a pot of boiling water, a small brush for cleaning the stem (usually found in your original hookah kit), a larger brush for cleaning the bowl (which you could substitute with most soft-bristled kitchen brushes), and a mild soap like dish or kitchen detergent.

If you don’t have the small brush that comes with the hookah kit, you should be able to use any skinny brush to clean it. Just make sure the brush is long enough to get through the stem and soft-bristled enough that it will not damage the hookah pipe during the cleaning process. Once you have all of the required materials ready to use, it is time to start cleaning your hookah pipe.

After the hookah pipe has cooled, take the hookah stem off of the pipe and hold it under running water. Warmer water may be best to clean it efficiently and properly. Next, fill a container with water. A small one will work fine for this purpose. Add a splash of dish soap or dishwasher liquid to the water.

As you keep water from getting through one side of the hookah stem, you can load the soap and water mixture into the pipe’s bore. Then, use the brush to clean the internal area of the pipe. Once the water runs clean as it goes through the pipe, you can stop repeating this step. To dry, set the pipe’s stem upright and let it dry in the air overnight. 

When the base reaches room temperature, you can pour lukewarm water and soap into it. If it’s still warm, use warmer water. For a cold base, use colder water. This way, the glass won’t crack. Brush the base out with soapy water, rinse it, and then let it dry.

To clean the bowl, submerge it in boiling water for a few minutes. Then, once it cools down, remove it from the hot water and use a rag or soft brush to rid it of debris. Finally, use a q-tip to clean out the holes and a soft rag to clean the exterior. Let it dry before using again.

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