Is It Safe to Boil a Glass Pipe?

November 6, 2018

Your glass pipe will get grit and grime attached to it over time. Maybe the screen and the bowl are clogged with a black, tar-like substance known as resin, making it difficult to draw any smoke out. You want to give it a good cleaning, but is boiling a glass pipe a safe method of doing so?

Smokers everywhere love glass pipes compared to other materials because glass doesn’t add any impurities to what you’re smoking and can also feature unique designs. Glass provides a clean and precision-oriented experience for each smoke… except when the pipe is dirty. This can cause issues with flavor, and may result in harmful bacteria collecting on the pipe. But could using boiling water cause the glass to break, ruining your perfect smoking vessel?

The short answer is that it’s generally safe to boil a glass pipe in Orlando, FL—and in fact is a recommended cleaning method—but only when following specific directions. Let’s break down exactly how you should go about using boiling water to clean your glass pipe so that it looks and functions like new again:

  • The first rule is not to drop a cold or room temperature pipe into a container of boiling water, as this could cause the pipe to break.
  • Instead, the best method is to place the pipe in lukewarm water, then turn up the heat and allow for the water to boil while the pipe remains in it.
  • The water’s temperature rises gradually and removes stains and impurities from the pipe’s surface.
  • Once the water boils, then it’s time to remove the pan from the heat. Let the pipe sit in the water for another 15 to 20 minutes, then rinse it in warm water. If there’s anything that’s still stuck to the pipe, you should be able to clean it off using a pipe cleaner.

And there you have it! Note that using boiling water is just one way to clean a glass pipe. Other methods include using a solution of rubbing alcohol and salt. Simply fill a plastic bag with rubbing alcohol, add a tablespoon of salt, then drop in the pipe. Remove it a few hours later, rinse it off with warm water and you’re good to go.

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