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How Do Candles Work to Eliminate Weed Smell?

March 2, 2021

Smoking weed can be fun, but smelling the stale remnants of weed smoke afterwards can make you regret it. Getting rid of that odor is often a challenge. You might be tempted to cover it up with air fresheners, fabric sprays or incense, but these options often just add chemical scents over the stale smoke. Try purchasing a high-quality scented candle instead—they can work to eliminate the weed smell in Orlando, FL. Here’s how it works, and some tips to find the right candle for your needs. How candles eliminate stale smoke scents When you smoke anything, whether weed or... View Article

The Importance of a Good Pipe Pouch or Case

February 4, 2021

Whether you are a frequent smoker or just enjoy an occasional bowl, you ought to own a good, high-quality pipe. After all, a pipe is one of the most versatile, hassle-free and simple ways to enjoy cannabis. And if you own a pipe, there’s one other item that’s a must-have: a solid pipe pouch or case. These cases come in a variety of colors, styles and materials, but all good pipe pouches share one thing in common: they keep your pipe safe, secure and discreet. Here’s a close look at the importance of a good pipe pouch or case, and... View Article

Four Benefits of Rolling Trays

January 21, 2021

Strictly speaking, there isn’t much you need to roll and smoke a cigarette—just some tobacco, some rolling papers and a lighter or match. But while a rolling tray might not be absolutely necessary for smoking a cigarette or cigar, they can help make the entire experience easier and more enjoyable, from the rolling process to the final puffs. Read on to learn more about the benefits of rolling trays, and how one can transform your rolling and smoking experience in Orlando. Creating a flat surface If you like to roll your own, then you already know how crucial it is... View Article

Metal Screens vs. Glass Screens: What You Should Know

November 12, 2020

Screens are a popular accessory for people in Orlando who enjoy smoking out of pipes or bongs. You might use them every time you smoke or only every now and then, but whatever your needs may be, it’s important to have a high-quality screen that will also give you a high-quality smoke. Pipe screens are extremely beneficial in that they prevent ash from flying into your mouth while smoking. They also preserve the tobacco you have in the bowl, rather than letting it get burned up and going unused, which means you get full consumption of your herb. When choosing... View Article

Are Metal Screens Safe to Smoke Out Of?

October 29, 2020

Pipe and bong screens in Orlando are designed to keep the pieces of tobacco in the bowl or cone, rather than in your mouth or in the water. Without using a screen, you’re more likely to end up getting some ash into your throat, which will cause coughing fits and a more uncomfortable smoking experience. It also prevents you from wasting any tobacco during your smoking session. Metal screens can be made to fit just about any shape or size of bowl in a smoking device. Glass screens need a much more precise fit and cannot be molded in the... View Article

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