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Four Reasons to Clean Your Smoking Devices

September 7, 2020

Over time, regular use of a glass smoking device leads to a buildup of ash and nasty residue. This accumulation is especially noticeable in clear glass devices, but it occurs with every piece. The residue isn’t just unattractive—it has some significant negative impacts on your smoking experience. Keep reading to learn more about wax vs. shatter in Orlando and the reasons to clean your smoking devices: Basic hygiene: Smoking is, by nature, a social event. Even if you’re passing your device back and forth among close friends and family, you’ve still got to be mindful of germs and bacteria. Passing... View Article

The Discreet Smoking Accessories That Every Secret Smoker Needs

May 29, 2020

Not everyone wants the world to know that they’re a smoker. We get it—sometimes you have to hide your favorite vice from the folks around you, wherever you are. But why deprive yourself when you can store your stash in some secret smoking accessories, and leave your people none the wiser? When you want to smoke your favorite tobacco or herbs, but need to be discreet, someone has already anticipated your needs and made the perfect product to help you out. Just like people smuggle alcohol into concerts and venues with fake “sunblock containers” and “ice blocks,” you too can... View Article

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