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Six Interesting Facts About Glass Water Pipes in Orlando

October 24, 2019

If you’re a smoking aficionado, then you are probably familiar with the various kinds of smoking accessories available. There are papers, dried tobacco leaves, vaporizers, tobacco pipes, handheld glass pipes and glass water pipes, as well as a variety of homemade pieces. For the purposes of this post, let’s focus on glass water pipes. This kind of pipe can be broken down into a few basic parts—the bowl, carb, downstem, base and tube, all of which come in various shapes, colors, styles and designs depending on how you intend to use it. Whether you already have a smoking pipe or... View Article

How to Identify Damage to Water Pipes in Orlando

October 8, 2018

Water pipes can be an incredible addition to any smoker’s collection. Not only are these pieces effective, clean and enjoyable to use, but they also look great. Glass pipes come in all different shapes, colors and sizes to suit a wide variety of preferences. Whether you only have one water pipe to your name or you have your very own collection of glass pieces, you want to make sure that they stay in the best condition possible. Unfortunately, glass pipes are by no means invincible, and it’s possible that yours might become damaged at some point. The good news is... View Article

Tips for Using Water Pipes with Ice Catchers

September 24, 2018

Water pipes give smokers an efficient and clean way to consume tobacco as an alternative to traditional combustible cigarettes. In addition to their functional advantages over cigarettes, water pipes in Orlando also have some aesthetic appeal. Glass water pipes come in all kinds of unique shapes and often feature beautiful colors, patterns and textures. To make the smoking experience more comfortable, it’s usually recommended that you place ice into the water pipe to cool the smoke as it rises to the mouthpiece. Find out more about how you can use ice correctly in your water pipes in Orlando for the... View Article

How to Choose a Water Pipe

July 5, 2018

Water pipes in Orlando, FL offer smokers a unique way to consume tobacco and their favorite legal herbs. Water pipes are versatile smoking tools used throughout the world. Water pipes are often intricate, beautiful pieces of glass that are indicative of the user’s personality and sense of style. If you are looking to change the way that you smoke and make an investment in a smoking tool that defines your identity, you should begin looking for a water pipe that’s right for you. Like with all types of smoking glass, water pipes come in a wide variety of types and... View Article

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