How to Identify Damage to Water Pipes in Orlando

October 8, 2018

Water pipes can be an incredible addition to any smoker’s collection. Not only are these pieces effective, clean and enjoyable to use, but they also look great. Glass pipes come in all different shapes, colors and sizes to suit a wide variety of preferences. Whether you only have one water pipe to your name or you have your very own collection of glass pieces, you want to make sure that they stay in the best condition possible. Unfortunately, glass pipes are by no means invincible, and it’s possible that yours might become damaged at some point. The good news is that there are a few key things you can look for to determine whether repair is possible or you need to start shopping for a new water pipe in Orlando.

Repair vs. replacement

It can be challenging to determine when it’s time to replace a damaged water pipe. After all, pipes often hold special meanings for people, and can be a pretty major investment—you might be inclined to try and repair a damaged pipe rather than accept that it’s time to get a replacement. While there are certain minor issues that can be effectively addressed with repairs, a lot of problems simply can’t be fixed when it comes to water pipes in Orlando:

  • Cracking: Minor cracks can usually be repaired. If you suspect that your water pipe has been damaged as a result of being dropped or bumped into, turn out the light and use a flashlight to illuminate it and reveal any fractures in the glass. For minor cracks, you might not need to worry about repairs. However, if the crack is large enough to affect the function of your pipe, you should find someone who can help you fix it.
  • Operational issues: Another thing to look out for with water pipes is problems with operation. After you suspect damage to your pipe, you should pay attention to how it works the next time you use it. Oftentimes, cracks damage the seals in your pipe and make it difficult for you to light your pipe or prevent it from drawing correctly. You might also notice that your pipe is forming condensation or leaking water from the chamber. When you notice these problems, stop using your pipe and get it repaired as soon as possible.
  • Shattering: Try as you might, there are some types of pipe damage that are simply impossible to fix. If you drop your pipe and it shatters into pieces, there’s really no way to fix it. Even if you could piece everything back together, it won’t work the way it should. Instead of trying to fix a broken pipe, go buy yourself a new one that you can actually use and enjoy.

Buy water pipes in Orlando

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