Tips for Using Water Pipes with Ice Catchers

September 24, 2018

Water pipes give smokers an efficient and clean way to consume tobacco as an alternative to traditional combustible cigarettes. In addition to their functional advantages over cigarettes, water pipes in Orlando also have some aesthetic appeal. Glass water pipes come in all kinds of unique shapes and often feature beautiful colors, patterns and textures. To make the smoking experience more comfortable, it’s usually recommended that you place ice into the water pipe to cool the smoke as it rises to the mouthpiece. Find out more about how you can use ice correctly in your water pipes in Orlando for the best possible user experience.

Glass water pipe basics

Glass water pipes are popular among smokers primarily because they offer smoke cooling and filtration. Smoke that’s filtered through water before being inhaled is smoother, cleaner and more flavorful than smoke from other kinds of pipes and devices. There are many different types of glass water pipes, but most have the same basic components.

Water pipes have a bowl where the tobacco is placed, a carburetor where smoke transitions from the bowl into the chamber of the pipe, a downstem where smoke transfers into the base to filter through the water, a tube that fills with smoke after it has been filtered through the water and a mouthpiece that’s used to inhale the smoke. In some cases, glass water pipes are also equipped with ice catchers. An ice catcher, also called an ice pinch, is an area in your pipe that features small points that catch and hold ice cubes.

Preparing your water pipe and ice catcher

To use your water pipe with an ice catcher, you will start by adding water to your pipe through your mouthpiece or downstem, if it’s removeable. You should add enough water so that it covers the opening to the downstem. This ensures that the smoke that passes through your pipe will be filtered by water before reaching the mouthpiece. Avoid adding too much water to prevent it from coming up the tube and out of the mouthpiece when you use your pipe.

Once you’ve added your water, you can add ice cubes to your ice catcher. Simply grab some ice cubes from your freezer and place a couple into your pipe’s ice catcher. As the smoke comes up the tube, the ice cubes will cool it down for a more comfortable smoking experience. After you’re done using your pipe, make sure to empty it and clean it thoroughly so that it’s ready the next time you want to use it.

Water pipes in Orlando

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