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Chemicals To Avoid in Vape Products and E-liquids

January 1, 2023

Vaping is a healthier alternative to smoking, but if you get vape and vape liquid that is less than high quality, there can be some very harmful chemicals in it. Knowing what chemicals to avoid with vaping and what chemicals are hazardous can be difficult. Choosing the right vape liquid can make all the difference and can help keep you as healthy as possible. Chemicals To Look for in Vape Products There are a few chemicals that you do need to avoid in vape products to ensure that they are safe. The first is pulegone. This is an oil that... View Article

How to Properly Care for E-Cigarettes in Orlando

August 6, 2018

E-cigarettes are rising in popularity. Smoking an e-cigarette is a more cost-effective way to smoke, legal in more places than cigarettes are, better for your health, better for the environment and also offers many other benefits. Plus, all the available flavors make smoking e-cigarettes in Orlando a fun hobby. E-cigs don’t come cheap, though. They are investments in technology and can get damaged if they aren’t taken care of. You can’t just smoke an e-cig day in and day out without cleaning it. If you neglect cleaning and maintenance for too long, you’ll likely start noticing you’re having a less... View Article

What Has Caused the Massive Rise in Popularity of E-Cigarettes in Orlando?

June 4, 2018

Today, e-cigarettes and personal vaporizers are just about everywhere. Much to the dismay of the tobacco industry, vaping has developed a significant market share over the last decade, and the growth of the industry doesn’t seem likely to be slowing down any time soon. The technology for e-cigarettes actually dates back to the early 1960s. However, it did not become widely available until much later, and those early technologies did not resemble the e-cigs people are most familiar with these days. In fact, the modern version of e-cigarettes in Orlando did not appear until 2003, when a Chinese pharmacist invented... View Article

New Galaxy E-Liquid Selects: Find Great Deals on E-Juice in Orlando

April 23, 2018

One of the things we’re known for here at New Galaxy Gifts is our massive selection of e-liquids. If you use e-cigarettes, we’ve got everything you could possibly want, from old standby flavors to unique, rare selections that will give you something brand new to try. One of the reasons why our customers come back over and over again to our store to check out our selection of e-liquids is the deals we often have to offer. When you purchase select e-liquids at New Galaxy Gifts, you pay only $8 for a 30 ml bottle. So, when you’ve got so... View Article

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