What Has Caused the Massive Rise in Popularity of E-Cigarettes in Orlando?

June 4, 2018

Today, e-cigarettes and personal vaporizers are just about everywhere. Much to the dismay of the tobacco industry, vaping has developed a significant market share over the last decade, and the growth of the industry doesn’t seem likely to be slowing down any time soon.

The technology for e-cigarettes actually dates back to the early 1960s. However, it did not become widely available until much later, and those early technologies did not resemble the e-cigs people are most familiar with these days. In fact, the modern version of e-cigarettes in Orlando did not appear until 2003, when a Chinese pharmacist invented the modern form of the technology. It would take another four to five years for those e-cigs to show up in a big way in Western markets.

Starting in about 2010 or 2011, e-cigs and vaporizers started to become popular in smoke shops across the country, as the technology had improved and become more accessible. It wasn’t long before a new community began to form around the technology, similarly to what already existed with tobacco and, more specifically, hookah.

So what has caused the explosion in popularity of e-cigs and vaporizers over the last eight to 10 years? Here are a few of the primary factors:

  • Health: The whole reason e-cigarettes were invented was to give people an alternative to traditional tobacco that would allow them to still get some nicotine, but in a healthier way. There have not yet been any major long-term studies completed on the health effects of vaping, but most health experts agree that the health risks are negligible compared to smoking tobacco with standard cigarettes, pipes or cigars. Therefore, without the widespread fear of lung cancer or other smoking-related complications, more people have taken up vaping as a hobby, while other smokers attempting to quit have been able to much more easily transition to e-cigarettes.
  • Price: Tobacco costs significantly more than vaping and e-cigarettes. A person who smokes a pack a day could easily spend $150 a month on tobacco, but a month’s supply of e-liquid and replacement coils would likely only cost about $50. That’s $1,200 a year in money saved by switching from tobacco to e-cigarettes. In these tough economic times, that’s a huge deal.
  • Hobbyists: As previously mentioned, there has been a large community of hobbyists that has built up around vaping and e-cigs, and that hobby has been attractive to many people who might not smoke tobacco due to the health risks or price. Vaping is highly accessible, and as more and more flavors are developed, the community continues to have more options available to it. Compare this to the sudden rise of the craft brewing industry—it’s a similar phenomenon, and has happened in roughly the same time period.

These are just a few of the main reasons why e-cigarettes in Orlando have become so popular over the last decade or so. For more information about the benefits of e-cigs and vaping, contact New Galaxy Gifts today.

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