Chemicals To Avoid in Vape Products and E-liquids

January 1, 2023

Vaping is a healthier alternative to smoking, but if you get vape and vape liquid that is less than high quality, there can be some very harmful chemicals in it. Knowing what chemicals to avoid with vaping and what chemicals are hazardous can be difficult. Choosing the right vape liquid can make all the difference and can help keep you as healthy as possible.

Chemicals To Look for in Vape Products

There are a few chemicals that you do need to avoid in vape products to ensure that they are safe. The first is pulegone. This is an oil that is found in mint plants that has been found to cause cancer. This is commonly used in vape pens and vaping liquids to give the menthol flavor. Another chemical to watch out for is diacetyl. This is a chemical that is also used for flavoring that can cause a very serious breathing issue called popcorn lung, where the lining of the lungs swells.

Acetoin is another chemical to watch out for. It is also a flavoring that is often linked to breathing issues as well. Though acetoin is not dangerous on its own, it does turn into diacetyl when it deteriorates. Pentanedione is another dangerous chemical to watch out for. This is a flavoring that can cause breathing problems and inflammation in the respiratory tract of the body.

You should also watch for vitamin E acetate, this is often used to add things like THC illegally to your vape liquid. The last thing you need to look out for is heavy metals. These can be dangerous and can leach the metal particles into the vape liquid and into the bloodstream. Heavy metal poisoning can lead to plenty of health issues. 

Discover the Difference Between E-Liquid Juices

There are tons of issues with e-liquid that you need to pay attention to when choosing your vape liquid. You want to check the ingredient list of any vape liquid you are thinking of using to ensure that it does not have anything dangerous. Often, these ingredients will be low on the list and will be hard to spot.

One of the best ways to avoid these chemicals is to ensure you get a high-quality vape liquid. High-quality vape liquids will be best in terms of high-quality ingredients and those that have been tested and will be safe for you.

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