What Is a 510 Thread Vape?

August 6, 2021

Vaping has revolutionized the smoking industry. It allows smokers to keep receiving the benefits of smoking without inhaling actual smoke into their lungs, which can help limit the negative effects of smoking. One of the ways to vape is with a vape pen. And odds are, if you’re using a vape pen, you are also using a 510 thread vape.

These 510 thread vapes are now the standard among vape pens, and they use the aptly named 510 vape thread batteries. But what does 510 thread mean? And what type of vape pen is a 510 thread vape battery made for?

Origins of the 510

The term, 510 thread vape, comes from one of the first vape pen battery manufacturers, Joyetech. Their eGo-T was one of the first vape pen batteries, and it used ten 0.5 mm threads on the tanks that were compatible with these pens. This 0.5-mm threading became the standard for vape pen batteries.

These days, a vape pen doesn’t necessarily have to have ten threads to be 510 compatible. Today, it refers to any vape battery with 510 threading; usually, it refers to batteries made for use with oil cartridges. The term, 510 thread vape, usually references the entire piece. The battery is the power source.

Different types of 510 thread vapes

The first 510 thread vapes were pen-shaped, but they have since evolved to come in a variety of shapes. Here are some different types of 510 thread vape batteries available today:

  • Classic pen style: This is closest to the original pen shape of the first 510 thread vapes. They are generally the same width as the oil cartridge. Most don’t require you to push a button to activate them, as they are draw-activated. Most also feature LED lights that turn on when in use. These newer models are charged via USB and can feature variable voltage settings as well as a preheat feature to warm up the oil.
  • Keychain style: This type of 510 thread vape battery is among the most discreet options available. It uses spring-loaded 510 connections that pop out at the press of a button. Its discretion is due in part to the style’s nonchalant look, which can resemble anything that would normally be on a keychain, including car key fobs.
  • eGo batteries: The first 510 thread batteries are still in production today. These days, they’re double-threaded to handle both the classic eGo style as well as 510 atomizers. They are not draw-activated but, instead, require you to push a button to fire them up. Some of the more recent models activate LED lights on the tip when in use. They often require a charging port, but some newer models use standard USB charging.

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