Why Is It So Important to Clean Your Smoking Device?

August 3, 2020

Anyone who has ever had the good fortune to sit down and enjoy the benefits of a glass pipe understands the power of a good smoking device. They are beautiful works of art, reflections of both craftsmanship and your personal aesthetic. Of course, along with pipe ownership comes the routine chores associated with owning anything nice: cleaning it.

Pipe cleaning in Orlando, FL is vital for a wide variety of reasons.

The fight against resin

When you first purchase your pipe, it comes as a pristine piece of glass, showing off its truest colors for anyone to see. As it is used, however, the glass will accumulate specks of black tar on the inside. This is known as resin, and it will build up in your glass pipe with remarkable speed if it is left unchecked.

Resin can cause fire

If left to build up for a long enough time, resin can actually catch fire. Sure, while it won’t likely be the “burn your house down” kind of fire, a sudden flame igniting inside your piece while it’s in your hands is no fun for anybody.

Resin is icky

It might seem like no big deal when a bit of resin is clouding the inside of your pipe, but if you aren’t engaging in regular pipe cleaning in Orlando, FL, then those bits of resin will work their way toward the entrances and exits to your bowl. No one wants to pick up a pipe only to have their lips and thumb end up coated in sticky, bitter resin.

Smoke better

As resin builds up on the inside of your pipe, it will eventually clog your bowl. This makes it extremely difficult to use your pipe. What’s more, clearing the clog with a toothpick or similar object is only a temporary solution. When you remove the resin from your pipe, you will notice that the smoke flows more efficiently and even tastes better.

Preserve your pipe’s beauty

Regardless of where you found it when you first ran across your pipe or bong, you were inevitably drawn to its beauty. Maybe it’s a kaleidoscope of different hues. Maybe it’s the perfect shade of your favorite color. It doesn’t matter what drew you visually to your smoking device, you likely want to keep it looking great. There’s no quicker way to ruin a beautiful piece than by neglecting its cleaning.

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