Cleaning Tips for Glass Pipes in Orlando

July 23, 2018

Your glass pipe is a work of art. Perhaps it was hand-blown by a local artist in your city. It may even be a one-of-a-kind piece. For these reasons, you want to take care of your pipe and keep it looking great for as long as possible.

Not only that, but clean pipes last longer without damage and can provide a better smoking experience because the smoke you inhale won’t be tainted by leftover resin smells and tastes. Thus, cleaning your pipe should be a regular occurrence.

However, cleaning glass pipes isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Intricate details or fragile pieces can easily get broken during the cleaning process, so you’ll want to exercise caution when cleaning. We often get questions about our glass pipes in Orlando and how to clean them, so we’d like to pass along some easy tips.

Cleaning out built-up resin

It’s likely that you empty your pipe or bowl after each use, but less likely that you’re deep-cleaning it every time. Even if you empty most of the resin from your pipe, there will be a remaining portion that hardens and can clog up your pipe over time.

About once a week, or more often if you smoke on a more frequent basis, scrape out as much resin and residue from the pipe as possible using a pipe cleaner. Avoid scraping your pipe with anything too abrasive, as this can scratch it.

Loosening hardened resin

Cotton swabs and pipe cleaners will only go so far when it comes to dislodging hardened resin. In order to get rid of it, try one or two methods involving liquids.

The first way is to make a mixture of isopropyl alcohol and course salt. Use isopropyl alcohol with more than 90 percent alcohol, and mix two parts alcohol with one part salt. Since the salt won’t dissolve, the gritty texture will help buff off hardened resin from your pipe without leaving lasting damage.

Put the mixture and your pipe in a Ziploc bag and let it sit for a while. If there is a lot of resin, you might need to let it sit overnight. The alcohol should help the resin un-stick from the sides of your pipe. Then, shake the bag, letting the mixture flow through the pipe to really get everything loose. Take out the pipe and use a cotton swab to clean the interior better. Rinse with water and allow it to air dry on a paper towel.

Another method to try is using plain boiling water. This usually works, but only if you do it very carefully. The important thing to remember here is to not rapidly change the temperature of your pipe. Glass should always be heated and cooled gradually. If you drop the pipe in a pot of boiling water, it will likely crack or even shatter.

Set the pipe in the pot of water and let the glass heat up as the water begins to boil. The resin should loosen and come out of your pipe during boiling. Then, let the pipe cool in the water before removing it and letting it dry.

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