Are You Correctly Smoking Your Glass Pipe?

February 20, 2020

If you’re new to using glass pipes, you might not be using them correctly—while smoking tobacco pipes generally come in one basic style, glass pipes for smoking cannabis and other herbs come in a variety of styles with different features and smoking techniques for each. We’ve put together this overview of how to smoke a glass pipe correctly. If you’re in search of the perfect custom glass pipe in Orlando, FL, stop by New Galaxy Gifts. We’ll help you find the perfect art glass piece and show you how to use it:

  • Choosing the right pipe: If you’re new to smoking from glass pipes, you’ll probably want to opt for a simple spoon style—a step up from the primitive chillum style, but less elaborate than bubblers or steamrollers. The spoon style offers a bowl and a carburetor (a hole in the bowl that helps keep the smoke from going stale), and is popular among smokers everywhere.
  • Packing: Packing a bowl involves breaking up the cannabis so that it will burn evenly—never smoke an herb before breaking it up. Some choose to pull it apart with their fingers (which may cause loss of product), but most smokers prefer to use a grinder, which produces even and finer results. You should pack the bowl lightly at the bottom, and firmly at the top, which makes for consistent smoking results. (And, of course, use the proper size pipe and fill the bowl accordingly based on how many people will be smoking with you.)
  • Lighting: If you’re using a spoon style pipe, place your finger over the side of the bowl with the hole to plug it. Then light the herb (only a portion, so that other smokers can enjoy the green hit as well) while inhaling. Most people use a regular lighter for this, but you can experiment with different lighting methods and inhalation techniques as you become a more advanced smoker.

As long as you’re enjoying the experience, there really isn’t a “wrong way” to smoke—but if you have questions about how to get the best or a specific result from your glass pipe, be sure to ask the New Galaxy Gifts team. We can recommend products and pipes that will help you achieve just the right smoking experience.

When you’re a more advanced smoker, you might wish to move on to water pipes and other advanced smoking devices, and we’re happy to help there, too. Each technique and pipe have their own benefits and quirks, so don’t hesitate to ask us.

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