Everything You Wanted to Know About Safe Cans in Orlando

November 7, 2019

It’s not always possible to get the amount of privacy you want. Sure, you can draw the curtain closed or build a tall fence to gain privacy, and it helps not to overshare your personal life online. But there’s another kind of privacy to think about: keeping certain stuff around the house while hiding it from guests or children. This is where safe cans disguised as common household items come in handy.

A diversion safe is the perfect hiding place for a lot of things. If you’re thinking about getting one, read on! Here’s everything you always wanted to know about safe cans in Orlando.

What are safe cans?

Safe cans, also known as stash cans, have been around for years. You know what we’re talking about. They are those fake food and drink cans—such as soda, soup, shaving cream and beer cans—with hollowed-out insides and a screw lid or bottom. Grandma might’ve even had one sitting on a shelf to hide some money—you just didn’t know it!

These fake cans are meant to be kept in plain sight so you can rest easy knowing your personal valuable items are safely hidden from others. You can hide money or important documents in them, just as long as you remember which can is the decoy. Safe cans are also great for concealing loose smoking products and accessories and protecting cigarettes and other rolled smokables from breaking. If there are kids in your household, these cans can keep smoking products out of their reach.

Safe can designs

Be sure to choose a safe can design that works best for the item you want to hide from other people. Some stash cans are pop-offs that open from the middle. Other types of safe cans are secured with screws. These ones require a screwdriver to unscrew either the top or bottom of the container to retrieve what’s inside. You can also get cans that have an airtight vacuum seal inside to keep smells from seeping out or liquid from getting in. A safe can with a vacuum-tight seal may be the best option for people to stash their smokable products, as it conceals odors and keeps out moisture better than other designs.

The different types of safe cans

The more your little safe can looks like the actual can it’s mimicking, the better. It needs to look as real as possible to make people believe that what’s on the label is what’s inside, and not your stash. Some of the most popular types of safe cans are food cans—for example, brand-name pork and beans, peanuts, condiments and soups. Drink containers are also popular. These include cans that look like they’re holding soda, beer, iced tea, chocolate milk mix, coffee grounds and more.

It’s important to choose a stealthy stash can so well designed that it blends right in with everyday household items. No one will suspect you’re hiding items inside. Call or visit New Galaxy Gifts today to learn more about the benefits of using safe cans in Orlando!

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