Why You Need a Stash Can

April 6, 2020

You may be familiar with the clever ways people hide money in plain sight. It could be a fake soup can or coffee container sitting in plain view on a kitchen shelf. These fake cans, also called safe cans, are disguised as popular brands of canned food, which is a defense tactic against thieves and anyone else you want to hide your cash from.

Similarly, there are stash cans specifically designed to conceal cannabis and CBD products. Not only do stash cans hide your herb, they also successfully keep any obvious “giveaway” aromas contained until opened.

You may not have thought about it, but there are quite a few legit reasons to invest in quality stash cans. Whether at home, in the car or on vacation, here are five benefits of using stash cans in Orlando:

  • Keep herb away from kids’ reach: Whether you have kids living in the home with you or kids are frequent visitors to your household, it’s best to keep your dry smoking products in a safe place. Children are naturally curious, so they are going to explore the far reaches of your house when you aren’t looking. Keeping your herb in a can and out of reach significantly reduces the chances of kids finding and accidentally consuming it.
  • Keep cannabis away from pets: Along the same lines as keeping herb away from kids, you also need to consider the safety and wellbeing of pets. Dogs, cats, birds and other domestic animals (and pests, for that matter) have a built-in need to investigate things with strong odors. When you properly store your stash in an airtight safe can, you reduce the chances of pets finding it and eating it. Contact your vet right away if your pet accidentally consumes some of your stash.
  • Hide your stash from visiting friends: Sharing is caring, but we all have a greedy friend or family member. If certain individuals find out you have cannabis, they may go through your home looking for it while you’re away. A lockable, airtight stash can will protect your product and can save you from having to confront anyone.
  • A safe way to transport your smokable products: Many smokers smoke their herb at home, but some also want to partake when traveling. Enter the stash can—the perfect unit to keep and conceal your herb if you’re traveling. You could use plastic bags, but they make it very easy to see what you’re carrying, and odors can escape. Also, bags don’t protect your herbs against crush accidents.
  • The perfect way to keep herb cool and dry: The more ideal the environment for dry herb, the better and longer it will keep. Always store your herb in a dark, dry place to preserve its quality. Since some herb is sticky, choose a stash can made from non-stick materials, or place it in baggies before sealing the can shut.

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