Does Synthetic Urine Work?

June 18, 2020

Oops, you’ve been called in for a drug test at work—but you’ve been having a little more fun at night and on weekends than your employer would prefer. Not many people can afford to be fired and have to look for a new job, especially in this day and age, which is why more people are tempted to try synthetic urine in Orlando in an effort to pass drug tests.

As you know, cannabis is only legal in Florida with a valid medical prescription. If you don’t have one, your employer can dismiss you if you test positive for that or have other drugs in your system. So, does synthetic urine work?

How synthetic urine is made

Synthetic urine owes its existence to a 19th century scientist named Friedrich Wöhler, who accidentally created synthetic urea while working with ammonium cyanate. Today, synthetic urea is used to create fake pee for drug tests. The makers do their best to replicate human urine, down to the odor, temperature, color, pH balance and even density.

Urinalysis labs analyze the urine’s qualities, as well as look for traces of THC, PCP, opioids, amphetamines and cocaine. As long as your fake pee has the same general makeup as the real thing—minus any traces of controlled substances—the lab shouldn’t be able to detect it, and you’ll pass the test.

In fact, much synthetic urine comes with very specific instructions for making sure it’s the right temperature, down to thermometers on the containers and mini heating pads to keep it there. Some even come with fake genitalia and tubing in case you have to “pee” in front of someone watching.

Does it work? What happens if it doesn’t?

Whether synthetic urine will work for you depends on the company you buy from, whether you’re able to smuggle it into the testing facility and whether you can keep it at the right temperature during transport. There are indeed people who have used synthetic urine and passed their drug tests without detection, but there isn’t (as you might imagine) a lot of data on what the percentage is.

If you don’t pass, however, you could face consequences. First, you could get fired, depending on your company policy. Second, you could see legal consequences, although the likelihood is unclear—18 states have banned the sale of fake urine, and four states have made it a felony. Whether anyone will care to extend those consequences to you as a private employee and citizen is anyone’s guess, so if you can’t afford to lose your job and hire a lawyer, don’t do it.

How do companies get away with selling it? Most synthetic urine makers in Orlando put a disclaimer on their product that it’s not to be used to pass lawful drug tests—but as you might imagine, there’s an adult market for the product, and that helps it pass muster in some states.

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