Choosing Your New Favorite E-Liquid

December 9, 2020

There are many options when choosing your e-liquid in Orlando. Many people focus on flavor but ignore other considerations, and that can reduce their enjoyment of vaping. Fortunately, there is a way to valance all the elements of a good e-liquid and find your ultimate vape. Here are five factors to consider when seeking a new e-liquid:

  • Flavor: We admit it—consider flavor first. If you do not enjoy the taste, then your entire vaping experience is for naught. Fortunately, there is something out there for everyone. For example, vape flavors include such varieties as pizza, fruit punch, watermelon and cake. You can also indulge in various cocktail and tobacco flavors to diversify the experience. Consider pairing your vape flavor with a favorite drink to expand on your enjoyment.
  • Nicotine level: Preferred nicotine level depends on your smoking habit. Light smokers, who indulge in half a pack or less a day, usually prefer 6mg and below for nicotine level. If you smoke half a pack to one pack per day, consider a medium level, about 9mg to 16mg of nicotine. Heavy smokers may prefer 18mg to 36mg of nicotine. It is vital to choose the right level, as too little will encourage you to vape more often to compensate, and too much nicotine results in headaches. Start at medium and adjust accordingly.
  • PG v. VG: E-liquids in Orlando contain propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerol (VG) or a combination of both. PG offers more flavor, but weak vapors. VG produces thick vapor and adds a sweet taste to any flavor. Manufacturers produce solely PG and VG vapors as well as the mix, because customer preferences are different. The typical ratio of PG to VG is 40:60, and most users enjoy this mix. But if vaping gives you hives, itches and breathing difficulties, you may be allergic to PG. If that is the case, buy VG-only liquids or flavors with a VG to PG ratio of 80:20.
  • Test flavors: E-liquids are not cheap, and you do not want to spend money on something you dislike. Many reputable vape shops offer samples so you can try an e-liquid before you buy it. Flavors taste different between manufacturers—one manufacturer’s watermelon, for example, may taste more like strawberry compared with another. If you purchase vaping liquids online, order a tester pack first, and then make a purchase decision. You can choose between five, 10 or 20 flavor packs and sometimes include different nicotine levels. Experimentation often leads to finding your best combination.
  • Quality: Do not choose the cheapest vape liquid. You will end up with something you do not enjoy smoking, or it will not last as long as quality liquids. Go with well-known, higher-end manufacturers, and read online reviews. Once you have your favorite flavors, nicotine level and PG and VG ratio, you are set to enjoy vaping!

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