Choosing the Right Nicotine Level for E-Juice in Orlando

September 3, 2018

So, you’ve recently purchased a new vaporizer. Congratulations! But while you may be eager to start using it right away, you do need to pick out a nicotine strength that is appropriate for you. Let’s say you are making the switch from paper cigarettes. To ensure a pleasant e-juice experience, you must get a liquid that is not too low in nicotine (and therefore not satisfying), nor one that is so high that it turns out to be too intense. Here’s how to choose the right nicotine level for e-juice in Orlando.

Find a favorite flavor

Although the nicotine level in your e-juice is important, the first thing you should consider in your purchase is the flavor. Flavor is key—otherwise you won’t enjoy your smoke and will end up wasting the e-juice. The fantastic thing about e-juice is it comes in just about every flavor under the sun, including a variety of foods, tasty cocktails and tobacco blends. Start with something that you know you’ll like before experimenting with other flavors.

Nicotine levels in e-juice

You can choose an e-juice flavor, but you’ll also need to know your preferred nicotine strength. Is it really that important to get the right nicotine strength? Yes, because too little nicotine may lead to excessive vaping in order to compensate, and too much can make you ill. Here’s a breakdown of strength:

  • Low nicotine: 6 mg and below is for light smokers—you typically smoke half a pack of cigarettes or less a day.
  • Medium nicotine: 9 mg to 16 mg is a category for average smokers—you go through a half to a full pack of cigarettes per day.
  • High nicotine: 18 mg to 36 mg is for heavy chain smokers.

Still not sure which nicotine level/strength to get? Consider starting with a medium strength, then adjust your strength from there. You’ll know you’ve got it just right when you feel relaxed and satisfied.

Know what PG and VG are

E-liquid has a main base solution—either propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycol (VG) or a combination of the two. It’s said that PG offers more flavor, but creates a weak vapor. On the other hand, VG produces a stronger yet slightly sweet taste, which mutes the flavor a bit, but it creates sizable clouds of vapor. Because of the varying qualities of both, most e-liquid manufacturers produce products that are either all PG-based, all VG-based or a mixed ratio of the two.

Here’s an important note: some people are allergic to PG. After vaping e-juice with any amount of PG, those who are allergic may have trouble breathing or get hives or itchy. Switch to a pure VG blend or a mix ratio with way more VG than PG.

Get your e-juice and find your sweet spot

You might not find the perfect flavor, nicotine strength or PG/VG ratio right off the bat, and that’s okay! Experiment away, but don’t go cheap—it ends up being a waste of money and less enjoyable. For help choosing e-juice in Orlando, drop by New Galaxy Gifts today!

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