Four Reasons to Clean Your Smoking Devices

September 7, 2020

Over time, regular use of a glass smoking device leads to a buildup of ash and nasty residue. This accumulation is especially noticeable in clear glass devices, but it occurs with every piece. The residue isn’t just unattractive—it has some significant negative impacts on your smoking experience. Keep reading to learn more about wax vs. shatter in Orlando and the reasons to clean your smoking devices:

  • Basic hygiene: Smoking is, by nature, a social event. Even if you’re passing your device back and forth among close friends and family, you’ve still got to be mindful of germs and bacteria. Passing the pipe back and forth can spread germs that cause the common cold, flu and cold sores. Regularly cleaning your device lowers the risk of passing infections along.
  • Residue is dangerous: Accumulated residue in your device can be dangerous when you’re smoking. Residue can catch fire in the pipe when the carb is covered, leading to finger or mouth burns. Cleaning your device after every use eliminates that risk.
  • Preserve flavor: The built-up residue in your pipe also diminishes the flavor of the flower. Keeping your device clean means you’ll be able to enjoy the flavor that the flower grower intended you to have. Additionally, carcinogens in the residue may be dangerous to your lungs.
  • Retain appearance: Glassblowers typically intend for their pieces to be unique and attractive, with swirls and fun colors intertwined in the glass. Cleaning your device is the only way to retain that unique appearance. This is especially important for smokers with bongs who proudly display their glass when it’s not in use.

Is it time for a new smoking device?

Cleaning your device will help prolong its lifespan. However, that pipe, bong, bubbler or dab rig won’t last forever. These are a few signs that it’s time to invest in a new device:

  • Your device doesn’t work as it used to: Even if you keep it clean, your smoking device might not work as well as it used to after a while. If your hits aren’t as clean or if some part of your device broke, it’s time to replace it! New devices are much more affordable than you think, and you’re guaranteed to have a better smoking experience.
  • You want a new smoking experience: It’s a fact that different smoking devices provide a different smoking experience. Bongs, for example, are more powerful than small pipes. If you’re looking to get the most flavor out of your smoking experience, consider checking out wax vs. shatter in Orlando. Heated wax on a dab rig provides some of the best flavor—just be sure to clean your device to continue enjoying it.
  • Your current device is ugly: We discussed above how cleaning your device helps retain its appearance. While that will help the glass keep its color for a while, the glass colors may eventually fade or darken. There’s no way to return it back to its original appearance, so just go ahead and replace it with a new one.

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