What Is a Diffuser Downstem, and Why Use One?

October 13, 2021

When you’re smoking from a bong or water pipe, there are some accessories you can use to get the tastiest, most pure hit possible. One of those things is a diffuser downstem. Diffuser downstems filter the smoke as you inhale, giving a smooth hit. Here is some information about diffuser downstems and the various types that are available.

What is a diffuser downstem?

When you smoke out of a water pipe, there may be a long glass tube attached to the bowl that fits into a slot in your water pipe. The bottom end of this tube sits in the water, which filters the smoke when you light the flower packed into the bowl and inhale. This tube-and-bowl combo is called a downstem. Most water pipes will come with a standard downstem included. It can also be part of a bubbler or a dab rig.

The end of the downstem can be a simple open hole, but it can also be a specialized piece of glass known as a diffuser. This piece has specially designed holes in it to offer different effects on your hit, including making a smoother or tastier hit. With a diffuser, you won’t be clearing as much stale smoke, giving you a fresher hit each time.

How does a diffuser downstem work?

When you inhale through the end of your piece, air is pulled through the bowl, igniting the flower and pulling the resulting smoke into the chamber. Because the downstem is submerged in water, the smoke is cleaned up in the water before reaching your lungs. The water also traps ash from the bowl so you don’t inhale it.

Different types of diffusers

There are several different types of diffusers. Each has a slightly different effect on the smoking experience. Here are a few different types and their effects:

  • Standard downstem: This is the module that usually comes with a water pipe or bong. It is open at the bottom and draws the smoke and ash straight into the water.
  • Slitted diffuser: This diffuser has a series of slits at the bottom allowing for more filtration. It does not clog as much as other types, though it may not offer as much filtration. This is the most popular type of diffuser.
  • Pearl diffuser: Small holes at the bottom are what make this diffuser special. This makes a hit have extra bubbles. It offers more filtration, but gets clogged easier.
  • Showerhead diffuser: This has a tapered end that’s covered in little slits (it looks like a showerhead). These have less airflow than other types.
  • Four-arm diffuser: This has 4four separate arms, each with small slits at the end. It offers an extra kick to your hit, but it is more susceptible to breakage when cleaning your piece.

A diffuser downstem is a small investment that can help you make the most of your smoking experience. If you’re looking for the best selection of diffuser downstems, pay a visit to New Galaxy Gifts today to see what we have in stock!

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