Metal Screens vs. Glass Screens: What You Should Know

November 12, 2020

Screens are a popular accessory for people in Orlando who enjoy smoking out of pipes or bongs. You might use them every time you smoke or only every now and then, but whatever your needs may be, it’s important to have a high-quality screen that will also give you a high-quality smoke.

Pipe screens are extremely beneficial in that they prevent ash from flying into your mouth while smoking. They also preserve the tobacco you have in the bowl, rather than letting it get burned up and going unused, which means you get full consumption of your herb.

When choosing screens at your smoke shop, you’ll have two main categories to choose from: metal and glass. But when it comes to metal screens vs. glass screens in Orlando, which one is the best option for you?

Here’s a quick overview of what you should know about each, and the benefits of choosing one over the other.

Metal screens

Metal screens are the most popular option for casual smokers. They’ll be usable with just about any type of pipe or smoking implement. But it’s not just their versatility that makes them popular—they’re also significantly less expensive than their glass counterparts.

Most of the metal screens you’ll find in smoke shops will be made out of copper, brass or stainless steel. Copper and steel especially have a very high resistance to heat, and also do not let off any chemicals or fumes when they’re being heated by a standard lighter. You should be on the lookout for a bit of a metallic taste when using it in a pipe, though, which is one of the reasons why people who are looking for a higher-quality smoke or a greater purity of taste might look down on the use of a metal screen.

But if your focus is on convenience and finding the most inexpensive option, you can do no better than a metal screen.

Glass screens

Glass screens are a healthier alternative that will give you a purer, higher-quality flavor. You can find them in a couple different designs—either a glass jacks figure, or a daisy screen (which resembles a daisy flower). Both screens work in the same way as metal screens, to prevent ash from flying into your throat and to allow greater consumption of the herb rather than letting it get burnt off and wasted.

Glass has a high resistance to heat and does not give off any fumes or chemicals. There will also be no strange aftertaste.

The downside of glass screens is that depending on the pipe or bong you have, you might need to find a screen that is specially designed to fit it. This can add to the extra expense you can expect to pay for this type of screen.

For more information about the differences between metal and glass screens in Orlando and which is the better choice for your purposes, we encourage you to reach out to New Galaxy Gifts today with any questions.

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