The Best Rolling Paper for Every Occasion

May 15, 2022

Many cannabis users debate the best methods to use when consuming their products. Some feel that their glass pipes or bongs are their favorite ways to go about it. Others feel that vape technology is the newer, safer way to consume cannabis. Still, others prefer edibles or oils. 

For many, though, it’s tough to beat a good old-fashioned rolling of a joint or a larger blunt. But what types and brands of papers are the best? Let’s talk about a few different types and brands of rolling papers and wraps for any occasion.

1. RAW Rolling Papers

For a chemical-free smoking experience, RAW’s unrefined rolling papers are a natural alternative. They offer a chlorine-free regular paper and their line made from organic, additive-free hemp. They have a patented Criss-Cross watermark that helps ensure an even burn, providing smooth smoke while preventing annoying runs.

RAW Rolling Papers are made in Alcoy, Spain, and have a distinctive appearance. This is partially due to their watermark and because no chemicals were used during their manufacture, leaving the paper with a natural light brown color. The paper burns slowly and is thinner than most, giving you time to enjoy your smoke.

2. Smoking Rolling Papers

The Smoking brand of rolling papers has been a favorite of smokers and tokers since 1929. They use no chemical coloring or additives and provide a healthier alternative for their loyal customers. They are committed to the sale of environmentally-friendly products. Smoking Rolling Papers feature many "Tree-Free" labeled products produced without affecting forests. Smoking Rolling Papers are available in three sizes: Regular, at 69x37mm, Medium, measuring at 77x37mm, and King-Size, which is 108x37mm and ideal for blunt wraps. 

3. Juicy Jay’s Flavored Rolling Papers

When it comes to flavored rolling paper, Juicy Jay’s is top shelf. When you light up a joint rolled with Juicy Jay’s paper, you’ll experience their incredible triple-dipped flavoring system. In addition to a tasty flavoring and subtle sweetness infused with your smoke, you’ll be left with a wonderful taste — not that chemical taste that’s all too common with other flavored rolling papers.

Juicy Jay’s Rolling Papers are incredibly attractive, with each paper colorfully decorated to designate your favorite flavor choice. The ink is soy-based, and the paper is made from hemp and natural sugar gum. So there’s nothing toxic and unhealthy in these wonderful papers,

Any of these three choices for rolling papers are sure to deliver an awesome, mellow, and safe smoking experience for the flower connoisseur. Check any of the three or all of them, and decide what your favorite choice is. With these options, you’ll have something that works for everyone. 

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