The Differences Between Various Rolling Papers

January 10, 2022

Despite all of the vapes, e-cigs and other high-tech smoking devices out there, it’s tough to top good old rolling papers. But did you know that there are tons of different types of rolling papers out there, and that not all rolling papers are created equal? It’s true. This post will teach you everything you need to know about the different types of rolling papers:

  • Rice: Some of the best rolling papers are made of all-natural ingredients. And when it comes to all natural, it’s tough to top rice. Rice papers are typically thinner than other types and often provide a slower burn. While they’re better for your lungs, rice papers are harder to roll than other types of papers out there.
  • Hemp: These rolling papers are another all-natural, eco-friendly product. Hemp papers are thicker than rice papers, making them easier to roll. However, they do burn a little bit faster than rice. Like rice papers, these absorb humidity, and aren’t ideal for smoking in the rain.
  • Wood pulp: Wood pulp papers come in a variety of thicknesses and can be either bleached or unbleached. These papers were traditionally the go-to for many smokers, but they’ve recently fallen out of favor due to potentially toxic substances in the wood.
  • Flax: Another material that’s gotten less common over the years is flax. These papers are made of all-natural ingredients, making them safer to consume. Additionally, they’re a bit thicker and easier to roll than some other papers.
  • Esparto: Also known as needle grass, esparto papers were popular in the early days of rolling papers, but over time, we’ve learned that these papers can contain more carcinogens than any other papers on the market. Our advice is to avoid esparto the next time you’re shopping for rolling papers.

How to choose the right rolling papers

The difference in rolling papers extends beyond the material the paper is made of. Here are other things to consider when you’re shopping for rolling papers:

  • Size: Rolling papers come in a variety of widths, ranging from 34-millimeter single-wides to 88-millimeter double-wides. The width you should choose mainly depends on how much tobacco you’re putting in your papers.
  • Flavor: You can also choose flavored rolling papers if you’re looking for a new smoking experience. There are a ton of different flavored papers out there, but keep in mind that the flavored ones do burn a bit faster.
  • Price: Part of the reason to choose rolling papers is that they’re supposed to be cheaper than high-tech smoking devices. Higher-priced papers may be made of higher-quality ingredients, but be sure to ask the sales associate about the price discrepancy.

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