Things to Know About Delta-8 Tetrahydrocannabinol

October 27, 2021

Not all cannabis is created equal. Not only are there differences between indica and sativa plants, but different strains can produce a wide variety of effects on your body and mind. Going deeper into the molecular makeup of the plant, there are also different compounds within cannabis that have different effects as well, and we now have the ability to isolate those compounds and produce them for sale on their own.

One of those compounds is delta-8 tetrahydrocannabinol, or delta-8 THC. The main compound in cannabis that gets you high is delta-9 THC, which causes feelings of happiness, sedation and euphoria and relieves symptoms from a host of medical ailments. Delta-8 THC produces similar effects, but in a less potent way. Here is some more information about its effects, usage and availability.

Different effects

The effects of delta-8 THC are similar to its delta-9 cousin, but less intense. Some describe it as a smoother, milder high. It is also often used to help treat insomnia. Just like the toned-down high feeling of delta-9, delta-8 THC may also produce similar, if somewhat muted, side effects like dry mouth, red eyes, food cravings, etc.

This compound of the cannabis plant is different from CBD. While it is less potent than the intense high of strong cannabis, it will still get you high. CBD has relaxing effects but does not have any psychoactive effects, and therefore does not get you high. Delta-8 THC is closer to what most people think of when they think of getting high than CBD.

How it’s used

For those looking to dip their toe into the world of cannabis for the first time, delta-8 THC may be a good first step. However, be aware that if you haven’t tried cannabis before, it’s still a good idea to start with a low dosage, even with the less-potent delta-8 THC.

It is available in the same forms as delta-9 THC, including flower, gummy and vape formats. In gummy form, it is often produced in stronger quantities than delta-9. For example, where a standard dosage in gummy form for delta-9 may be 10 mg of cannabis per piece, a delta-8 product often comes in 25 mg per piece. Half of this is estimated to be roughly the same as taking a 5 mg dose of delta-9 THC.


Since delta-8 THC can be made from hemp plants—a non-psychoactive form of cannabis—its availability is somewhat murky. Hemp is technically legal, and it’s what CBD is extracted from.  In fact, delta-8 THC is often synthesized from CBD isolate that has been extracted from hemp plants. Delta-8 THC is legal in states where marijuana has been legalized (according to each state’s guidelines), and it may be legal in other states depending on a number of factors. It is not, however, universally legal in the way that hemp and CBD are.

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