Why Use a Steamroller Pipe?

June 15, 2021

New pipe technology is being developed all the time, and there are all kinds of new pipes on the market that offer unique designs and features to optimize the smoking experience. One of the most popular new pipes on the market is the steamroller pipe. Steamroller pipes are made with a compact, high-performance design that offers an optimal experience to smokers. If you’re curious about steamroller pipes, keep reading to learn more.

Steamroller pipe basics

Steamroller pipes have a sleek design in a cylindrical shape made with a transparent glass material. Steamroller pipes are basically long, narrow tubes that work by cooling the lit herb from the base of the pipe as the smoke travels to the mouthpiece. The use of steamroller pipes is relatively simple and straightforward. To use a steamroller pipe, smokers simply put their hand on the carb at the end of the pipe, light the dry herb in the chamber, take a pull until the chamber is full and then remove their hand from the carb.

Benefits of steamroller pipes

No matter what your preferences may be when it comes to smoking, or what kind of pipe you typically use, there are a lot of great benefits that come with using a steamroller pipe. Here are a few of the reasons why these are gaining in popularity:

  • Effective cooling: One of the biggest benefits of steamroller pipes is that they cool smoke very effectively. Even though steamroller pipes have a relatively short chamber, they are still long enough to give the smoke sufficient time to cool before it’s inhaled. This prevents any burning caused by smoke that’s too hot.
  • Stronger hits: Steamroller pipes are most popular among experienced smokers who are looking to transition away from water bongs for slightly stronger hits. While these pipes can be difficult for less experienced smokers to get used to, they are simple enough that almost anyone can use them without too much trouble.
  • Customizable features and options: Another great benefit of using steamroller pipes is that there are lots of different customization options that allow users to personalize their smoking experience. From glass feet that provide stability when pipes are placed on a flat surface to custom mouthpieces designed to maximize the smoking experience, there are lots of pipe customization options out there for smokers.
  • Unique designs and artistic options: While many steamroller pipes have a sleek, uniform appearance, there are also plenty of novelty options out there in fun shapes, colors and patterns. Cactus-shaped pipes and other artistic designs are ideal for smokers who want a piece that’s pretty enough to display and show off.

Find steamroller pipes today

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