Glass vs. Silicone Pipes in Orlando: Which Is Best for You?

January 10, 2019

There is a huge market for smoking products and accessories, and every smoker has distinct individual preferences when it comes to what they use. Whether you’re an experienced smoker or not, it’s essential to consider all of the different product options that are out there so that you can make the best choice possible for your specific needs and preferences. Read on to learn a little bit more about the two most popular options for smokers: glass pipes and silicone pipes.

Glass pipes

Glass pipes come in all different shapes and sizes, but they are all made with specialized glass that’s designed to be resistant to heat and deliver a superior smoking experience. People who use glass pipes find them to be easy to use and maintain, and these pipes are also known for delivering smooth hits. Glass is one of the best materials for the purposes of percolation, which means that smokers who use a glass pipe will get a much smoother, better-tasting hit than they would with a different kind of pipe.

Another reason why glass pipes are so appealing to so many smokers is because of their unique design and aesthetic appeal. Lots of smokers collect glass pipes because of all of the different designs that are out there. Glass pipes are available in countless shapes, colors, textures, sizes and patterns so you can find the types of pipes that are perfect for your preferences and needs.

Silicone pipes

Silicone pipes offer exceptional portability and flexibility that’s ideal for traveling, parties and people who are prone to accidents. You can bring your silicone pipe along with you anywhere without worrying about breaking it. This is a great option to have on hand during a party or when you’re outside and you don’t want to risk using your glass pipe. A lot of people choose to add a couple of silicone pipes to their collection so that they always have the option available for special occasions.

Silicone is easy to maintain since it’s opaque and isn’t prone to discoloration, meaning that you can get more uses out of it before it needs to be cleaned. Even people who have never used silicone pipes before can get used to them pretty quickly. Silicone pipes offer similar functionality to glass pipes, so they are easy for smokers to switch between. When you’re considering glass vs. silicone pipes in Orlando, much of your choice is a matter of personal preference.

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