Glass Pipes vs. Silicone Pipes in Orlando

September 9, 2019

Beginning and experienced smokers alike want to have the best experience possible when they use a pipe, but there are so many different types of pipes out there that it can be difficult to determine which type is best for you and which one is likely to fall short of your expectations. Silicone pipes are an increasingly popular option for smokers, and some are even switching to silicone from glass pipes, which have been a historically popular choice for quite some time. If you’re on the fence about whether to give silicone a try or wondering how it differs from glass, check out a few of the most significant distinctions between these two options to help you decide whether you should switch to silicone pipes in Orlando:

  • Maintenance: All pipes require some cleaning and maintenance, but most people want to keep the time spent on maintenance to a minimum. Glass is a rigid material that can be cleaned using abrasive materials and products. Silicone, on the other hand, can be damaged if you use abrasive cleaning products or methods. With that in mind, you are likely to spend a little bit longer cleaning your silicone pipe than you would a glass pipe. On the other hand, glass is more susceptible to discoloration, which means that you might need to deep-clean your glass pipe more frequently.
  • Versatility: While you might have no trouble using glass pipes at home, they can be difficult to carry around and travel with. Not only do they tend to be bigger and more cumbersome than silicone pipes, but they are also more likely to chip, break or shatter when they are moved around. Silicone pipes in Orlando are popular among people who travel a lot, simply because they are easier to transport and less likely to break. Even some people who prefer using glass choose to keep a silicone pipe on hand as a backup if their glass breaks.
  • Aesthetic appeal: Beauty is subjective, and everyone has different preferences and tastes when it comes to aesthetics. That being said, both silicon and glass pipes can be very appealing options for people who want to display their pipes. Glass pipes can be made with beautiful colors and ornate designs, and silicone pipes can be made with unique color patterns and vibrant pigmentation that looks stunning. You should browse a selection of glass and silicone pipes in Orlando in person to decide which options appeal to your particular sense of style.

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