The Benefits of an Electric Dab Rig

May 26, 2021

There are many ways to consume cannabis and experience its beneficial effects. For starters, the flower itself can be smoked in a pipe, water pipe or even an apple in a pinch (if you’re crafty). Cannabis flowers and extracts can also be vaporized and inhaled that way in a process called vaping. But for the true connoisseur, the benefits of an electric dab rig in Orlando may provide just the experience you’re looking for.

An electric dab rig is quite different from the process of packing a pipe and smoking. It also gives a wider variety of effects. Here are some benefits of an electric dab rig in Orlando, as well as some information on how the process works. A visit to your local smoke shop can yield additional tips and tricks, not to mention everything you need to get started.

How dabs work

A dab is a small amount of highly concentrated cannabis, often upwards of 80 percent THC or CBD. To consume it, the dab is heated and vaporized at a high temperature. Because of its high concentration, only a small amount is needed to feel its effects.

The most common method of consuming dabs involves heating a nail with a blowtorch, touching it to the dab and quickly inhaling the vapor it produces. Since dabs have become more widely available and more widely used, however, there have been great advancements in dabbing instruments.

These days, there are electronic dab rigs available that allow for much more control over the temperature of the nail. This eliminates the need for a blowtorch and is much safer and easier to use. These are sometimes called e-nails, as well as electronic dab rigs.

To use this modern dab setup, you simply need to switch on the unit and heat your nail in the controller box. When the nail reaches the appropriate temperature (the controller box will let you know), you add the dab and inhale the vapor when it burns. This is a great improvement, especially in group settings, as it means you won’t have to pass a torch or run out of butane.

Benefits of dabbing

Dabbing is different than vaping or smoking in that you’re able to control the temperature at which the cannabis is vaporized. This allows for you to dial in the optimum temperature to release certain terpenes in your cannabis.

By releasing these terpenes at the right temperature, you can fully experience the unique taste and smell of a given strain of cannabis. This also allows for the desired effects to more accurately be experienced. Research is still ongoing in this area, but there are indications that the hundreds of different terpenes and cannabinoids in cannabis plants have different effects when heated to different temperatures.

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