What Is Reclaim?

April 14, 2021

When you smoke cannabis flower out of a pipe in Orlando, FL, you’re left with black gunk called resin. And when you use a dab rig to smoke concentrate, a similar substance called reclaim is left behind in the rig. While you may have seen this junk collected in your rig, you may still be wondering what reclaim is.

This yellowish-brown sticky substance is a re-condensed form of cannabis concentrate that’s left behind when the oil solidifies. Letting reclaim build up in your rig can lead to a less enjoyable experience, so it’s important to clean it out from time to time. This post will cover everything you should know about reclaim.

Collecting your reclaim

You can collect reclaim in Orlando, FL by pouring the water out of your dab rig and then picking out the solid clumps. However, this is a tedious process that might not result in getting too much reclaim, so we don’t really recommend going this route.

For easier results, pour water out of the rig and then let it dry. Once it’s dry, remove the banger and hold the dropdown over some wax paper. Use a torch to heat up the solidified reclaim and let it drip onto the paper.

Can you smoke reclaim?

Now that you know what reclaim is, your next question might be whether you can smoke it in Orlando, FL. The answer is yes! According to one study, reclaim has up to 65 percent cannabinoids left, and 95 percent of those cannabinoids were decarboxylated. So, smoking your reclaim is both safe and effective.

We should note that smoking reclaim will not taste great. All of the flavor from the original concentrated oil is lost after it’s initially heated up, so all you’ll be left with is an unpleasant taste in your mouth.

Ways to use your reclaim

If you aren’t going to smoke your reclaim—which we don’t really recommend doing—there are a few other things you can do with it besides tossing it out and wasting it.

Your first option is to eat the reclaim straight. Since it’s decarboxylated, it’s safe to eat and will give you fairly strong effects. Have a candy bar or something sweet nearby to mask the flavor after eating the reclaim.

To further mask the flavor, you can use reclaim to make edibles. Keep in mind that baking edibles is basically a science. Using too much reclaim or baking at a temperature over 350 degrees leads to poor results. Do plenty of research beforehand if this will be your first time using reclaim in the kitchen.

Is it time for a new dab rig?

Dab rigs can last for a couple of years if they’re properly cared for. However, they’re not meant to last forever. If your current dab rig doesn’t hit as well as it used to, or if there’s an excessive amount of reclaim, it might be time to invest in a new one. If that’s the case, come to New Galaxy Gifts.

At New Galaxy Gifts, we specialize in selling all sorts of glass, vaporizers, dab rigs, e-cigs and any other smoking accessories you may need. Stop in today to learn more about what reclaim is and how you can use it in Orlando, FL, or to check out any of our products.

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