The Discreet Smoking Accessories That Every Secret Smoker Needs

May 29, 2020

Not everyone wants the world to know that they’re a smoker. We get it—sometimes you have to hide your favorite vice from the folks around you, wherever you are. But why deprive yourself when you can store your stash in some secret smoking accessories, and leave your people none the wiser?

When you want to smoke your favorite tobacco or herbs, but need to be discreet, someone has already anticipated your needs and made the perfect product to help you out. Just like people smuggle alcohol into concerts and venues with fake “sunblock containers” and “ice blocks,” you too can smuggle herbs, lighters and even pipes wherever you need to go.

Here are some of the best discreet silicone and other smoking accessories in Orlando, FL:

  • Bracelet pipes: These bracelets might look like macramé beaded bracelets or anklets, but a clever fastener reveals a simple pipe that will pass muster even in metal detectors and will deliver great results for the entire evening.
  • Fake prescription bottles: Opaque plastic prescription style bottles look legit, but hold your favorite herbs—or anything else you want to hide from prying eyes.
  • Silicone “building blocks”: We all grew up with Legos, the building blocks of every kid’s creativity. Now you can use cool Lego-like blocks to hide your stash—and maybe even build something fun while you’re enjoying it. Plus, the silicone makes it great for storing even the stickiest substances—the soft sides won’t hang on to your stuff.
  • Toker tool: This credit-card sized tool is great for smoking on the run. It can clean your bowl, shred your herbs, open bottles and cans and even hold your hand-rolled cigarettes. Just slide it into your wallet and you’ll always have everything you need right there when you want it.
  • The waterproof dugout: Hold your rolled cigarettes, lighter, pick and even a half ounce of your favorite dried herb in a waterproof accessory. It’s great for anyone who wants to get out into the great outdoors—raft down the river without fear of ruining your destination fun!
  • Glass apple pipes: These glass pipes look like a piece of art glass, but they’re actually a discreet pipe. It’s palm-sized and looks completely unobtrusive until you reveal what it’s actually used for. Be the hero of your party when you whip this one out.
  • Cassettes in the 2020s: If you see a cassette tape these days, what are you going to do with it? Nothing—which is why these cassette-shaped bags make the best stash bag or box around. Let this outdated (or “vintage”) technology hide your dried herbs and your younger friends will be none the wiser.

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