Features to Look for in a Grinder

August 6, 2019

How well do you know the internal workings and parts of grinders? Here are the features to look for in a grinder when shopping at your favorite head shop in Orlando for a new purchase.

Sifting screen

Let’s start by taking a look at possibly the least understood part of the grinder: the sifting screen. Basically, the sifting screen catches the smallest pieces of your dry smoking product, which collect in a small chamber directly underneath. The sifting screen may look like a simple component (and it is), but there is a good reason why it’s such a crucial aspect of any decent grinder. Without one in place, the grinder isn’t worth much. At the same time, it’s not an absolute indicator of the overall quality of the device.

When looking at the sifting screens on grinders, you want one that has a very fine mesh screen, yet one that’s durable enough to stand up to many uses. Why fine, strong mesh? If the spaces between the mesh are too big, the particles that fall down are going to be too coarse. What you want are the small particles, and for the coarser bits to stay up in the bladed grinding chamber.

Quality and design

When it come to the main function of the grinder, you need to focus your search on the build quality and design of the device. Look closely at the sharpness and the bladelike fine lines of the teeth in the grinder—the part that actually grinds down your dry product. While there are grinders made of wood or plastic available, it’s suggested that you skip those and go with metal. Wood and plastic tend to dull quickly, meaning the final product is not likely to be a finely ground material. If you use an electronic smoking device, keep in mind that a fine grind is important for most vaporizers to function correctly.

Sharp blades or teeth also mean that you’re using less energy to get a finely ground product. This is another reason why a consistent sharp edge is an essential feature. A higher quality grinder also minimizes waste. The chances your material will bunch up and stick together are lower, and smaller pieces of material are more manageable and easier to burn.


As with anything made of metal and with sharp edges, safety is of great concern. Cheaper grinders made of metal tend to flake metal shavings into the dry material you’re grinding, and the shavings are sometimes so small that they can get into your mixture (usually unbeknownst to the user). Additionally, get a metal grinder with an anodized layer coated onto the inner compartment and teeth. This will protect your dry material from becoming contaminated and your health from becoming compromised.

Keep safety in mind when shopping around for a new grinder. Always sway toward buying a known and recommended brand, perhaps even focusing on those made in the U.S., and don’t be shy about talking to a smoke shop team member for assistance with narrowing down your options.

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