Tips for Using Glass Pipes in Orlando During the Summer Months

July 4, 2019

Anyone who owns a high-quality glass pipe knows the importance of caring for and maintaining their piece. And the benefits of regularly cleaning glass are numerous—including better tasting smoke, smoother hits and a longer lasting, good looking pipe.

Do you normally smoke inside? While it makes sense to stay indoors and use your pipe in the wintertime, why not take advantage of the warmer weather and smoke your glass pipe outside? After all, glass pipes are portable and small, perfect for burning dry smokables, so grab everything that you need for a good time and head out the door!

Below are some helpful tips for using glass pipes in Orlando during the warm summer months.

Protect your piece from breakage

Of all the types of smoking apparatuses, glass pipes are considered the most basic, yet ideal method of smoking dry products. But keep in mind that because glass pipes are very portable—they easily fit into pockets, purses, bags and hands—they are also highly susceptible to breakage. To keep your glass from breaking, first purchase high-quality glass, ideally from a local smoke shop, and get a protective case for it. You should also keep your glass pipe in a safe location at all times. When not in use, avoid setting your piece on the edge of a table or high up on a bookshelf where a fall could spell disaster.

Enjoy fun summer events

If you live in an area where it’s legal to bring smokables in glass pipes to outdoor events, look into what bands or local festivals are on the schedule for the summer. Participate in fun summer events with friends, and bring your glass pipe so everyone can partake. Another excellent reason to include your pipe at summertime fairs and festivals is food. Food and smoking go hand in hand for many folks, as do fireworks and smooth hits.

Take advantage of beautiful summer days

Summer is a time for backyard barbecues with family and friends, which makes for the perfect opportunity to take your glass pipe outside to enjoy. Smoking during a backyard barbecue is a refreshing change of pace from being closed inside a room with minimal ventilation. When you smoke outside, there’s less worry that the exhaled smoke is bothering people. Just be courteous and stand a little further out on the lawn or deck from others, and don’t exhale in anyone’s direction.

Taking your pipe to a pool or the beach? Take care to not drop your piece into the water. Going camping or on a picnic? Bring your pipe! It’s easy to pack and great for sharing with the group.

Take it on a road trip

If you are planning a summer road trip with friends and you want to bring your glass pipe, be sure to bring a protective case, and smoke responsibly. Enjoy it on the way or while taking in the view. Once again, most pipes are small and portable, making them the perfect addition to any group adventure.

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