How to Use a Volcano Vaporizer

April 20, 2022

The Volcano weed vaporizer is among the most dependable and hottest options as far as vaporizing cannabis flowers is concerned. This marijuana vaporizer is an irrefutable favorite among a majority of innovative cannabis enthusiasts because the device can work as an adornment for your house and offer a great experience. Furthermore, this cannabis flowers vaporizer is a highly customizable and effective way of consuming concentrates, cannabis flowers, and other CBD products. 

What’s a Volcano Vaporizer?

This device hit the American and European markets in the late 1990s. The Volcano Vaporizer is more or less the same as other hand-held devices since they comprise a dry herb compartment that mildly heats the concentrate or weed to vaporization. 

The Volcano marijuana vaporizer has been exponentially rising in popularity over the past couple of years, providing a unique chance for caregivers to make medicinal cannabis and the opportunity of vaping it with bigger groups.

What is the difference between Volcano Vaporizer and other vaping devices? 

This device modifies the experience by passing the cannabis vapor into a balloon made from flavorless, odorless, and food-safe materials. In this bag, you hoard the air before you inhale it. Moreover, the filling chamber is more voluminous than portable, single-use devices. 

This attached balloon-style mechanism is advantageous as it separates the cannabis vapor from the heating compartment. It minimizes the dangers of hand-held vapes, especially low-quality ones that are disposed to overheat, malfunction, or combust after continuous use. 

How do you use the Volcano Vaporizer?

The classic vaporizer is easy for a beginner to use, despite its hi-tech appearance. To use it, you require the base unit, a filling chamber, and an easy valve bag. 

Afterward, you plug in the device and wait for the light to show it is ready. Below are some tips and simple steps that can assist you in getting the best out of your Volcano Vaporizer.

  • Grind your weed. If your grinder is a four-piece one, turn the tiers upside down and twist it a little longer than you would normally do before you turn it upright again. Nevertheless, we recommend you use the grinder in your vaporizer’s box. Every Storz & Bickel Volcano vaporizer has a two-piece grinder which does a wonderful job. 
  • Spread the ground herb into a sheet of paper and direct it into the filling chamber. The Volcano vaporizer works best when the chamber is full. Nonetheless, there are tricks to ensure it works perfectly with less loading.
  • When the orange light goes off, it is the appropriate time to vape. Then you proceed to remove the plastic mouthpiece from the Easy Valve and make straight the bag gently until it becomes fully unfolded. Finally, dock the mouthpiece against the filling chamber and set it on the Volcano to lightly grip the ring on top. 
  • Now that you have filled the bag with vapor, disconnect it from the chamber and insert the mouthpiece back into the Easy Valve. Next, remove the filling compartment from the Volcano. On pressing the mouthpiece, the valve will open, letting the vapor out.
  • The Volcano Vaporizer isn’t difficult to maintain; it requires regular, light cleaning. After vaping all that was in the heating chamber, discard it straight away. Then dust off the screens plus the inside of the chamber using the included brush. This will assist in preventing the buildup of dirt that might require deep cleaning.


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