The Importance of Glass Thickness and Quality

November 29, 2021

Some people don’t think much about the thickness and quality of the glass when buying pipes or bongs; however, considering glass pipe thickness before making a purchase could prevent you from buying an inferior product.

Below, we provide plenty of information on glass thickness and quality. Read on so you’ll know what to watch out for when making your next purchase.


Essentially, glass bong thickness tells you how durable the product is. Glass thickness is usually measured in millimeters, and there are common sizes for most products. For example, most quartz bangers and carb caps feature a thickness of around 2 mm. All this said, people have their own preferences when it comes to glass thickness. Just be sure you know what you’re getting before making a purchase.

Anything under 2 mm is prone to shattering, so you’ll likely want to avoid products this thin. The standard thickness of most borosilicate bongs is around 3 mm. Many smokers prefer this size, as it’s a good medium ground. Products considered thicker feature a thickness of 4 mm to 5 mm. While not common, some larger pieces may exceed 5 mm in thickness.


As with any product, it’s important to consider quality when looking for a good glass bong or pipe. Quality could mean the difference between a product that lasts a lifetime and one that breaks after a few uses. One of the best materials used to make pipes and bongs is borosilicate glass. Look for products made from this material if you want something that’s durable, easy to clean and long-lasting.

Often, you can trust brand-name glass pipes and bongs. Additionally, products made in the United States are often better quality than those made overseas, but there are plenty of overseas companies that make excellent glass products.

No matter what product you’re buying, it never hurts to do some research. Look up the brand that manufacturers the pipe you’re considering, and make sure they have good reviews. See if you can find information on the materials they use in their products as well as the experience level of their glass blowers. It also never hurts to ask your local shop who makes their products.

Finding good glass products

Now that you know what to watch out for, it’s time to find the perfect glass pipe or bong. Just be sure to consider glass bong and pipe thickness and quality when searching online or at your local smoke shop. It also helps to shop at a trustworthy shop that’s known for providing quality products and excellent service. When visiting a quality shop, you can ask one of their experts for help finding the perfect product for your needs.

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