How Do Candles Work to Eliminate Weed Smell?

March 2, 2021

Smoking weed can be fun, but smelling the stale remnants of weed smoke afterwards can make you regret it. Getting rid of that odor is often a challenge. You might be tempted to cover it up with air fresheners, fabric sprays or incense, but these options often just add chemical scents over the stale smoke. Try purchasing a high-quality scented candle instead—they can work to eliminate the weed smell in Orlando, FL. Here’s how it works, and some tips to find the right candle for your needs.

How candles eliminate stale smoke scents

When you smoke anything, whether weed or cigarettes, you’re setting organic material on fire. That combustion causes tiny incinerated particulates to float through the air. As the smoke moves around your space, those particulates land on soft surfaces like clothing, linens, bedding and upholstery. If the particulates linger, so does the stale smoke smell. You’ll need to wash everything to get the smell out.

If, however, you’re burning a scented candle while you smoke, that can help degrade the organic matter as it floats around. When you add scents, like essential oils, it can also help cover up any lingering smoke smell. The results can be surprising—many people are barely able to detect any smoke left in the room. That’s especially important if you have kids, a landlord or important company coming over.

(Of course, it’s always wise to open a window. The more ventilated your room is, the less likely the smoke particles will land on your soft surfaces.)

Finding the right kind of candle

When you’re looking for a candle that can clear out smoke smells, look for something made from organic materials. Beeswax and soy are two good, widely-available choices. A quality candle will list its burn time on the package—look for something that will last eight or more hours, or you’re wasting your money.

When it comes to scented candles, make sure you get a pleasant scent that you enjoy—harsh, overpowering or “chemical” scents will just dampen your experience. Some candles don’t even need additional scents to be effective, but it doesn’t hurt to add a smell that you like.

There are special lines of “smoke clearing” candles available online and in retail stores, including your local smoke shop. These are specially formulated to burn for hours, and are made of non-toxic ingredients. Most of the time, the scent is very light. This helps avoid strong, cloying smells, as if you’ve sprayed a bunch of room deodorizer on top of stale smoke—but if you buy cheap candles, that’s the exact effect you’ll get.

Burning scented candles is a great way to eliminate the smoke smell from your Orlando, FL home. As long as you focus on quality, you should be able to find one that works for you. Remember to be careful and never leave candles burning unattended.

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