The Different Parts of Vape Tanks

January 24, 2020

The vape tank is the component of your vaping device that acts as a reservoir to hold additional vape juice and the coil to create the vapor. In short, a vape tank is the part of an advanced personal vaporizer (called APV or mod) that holds on to your favorite e-juice until it’s ready to be vaporized. Like other vaporizer components, the vape tank needs regular cleaning and maintenance to prevent problems. Tank maintenance also ensures your device makes smooth vapor every time.

Owning a vaporizer requires some understanding on your part—how to use it, clean it and store it, as well as its construction. Before we begin looking at the different parts of vape tanks in Orlando, keep in mind that the tank is the entire e-liquid storage component that’s attached to the power delivery device:

  • Outer tube: The outer tube is typically made of clear Pyrex glass, which is why you can see through it. It contains the liquid between the top and bottom caps, while at the same time allowing the vaper to watch its level without letting it fall too low.
  • Base and top caps: On either end of the glass outer tube is a metal piece. There’s a sliding ring on either the top or bottom cap used to expose or cover airflow holes—this allows the vaper to decide how tight or loose the inhale will be. The top cap is fitted with a piece that pops off or swings sideways on a hinge so you can refill the e-liquid easily. As for the bottom cap, it will be threaded with a contact pin in the center to call on the power source to transport it to the coil.
  • Drip tip: This is a mouthpiece through which you draw vapor. On some devices, these are removable and can be replaced.
  • O-rings: These rubber washers seal the top and bottom caps to the outer tube, and the drip tip to the top cap.
  • Center tube: If the tank is taller than the height of the coil, a center tube serves as an extension for vapor to flow through. It also prevents the liquid from entering the mouthpiece.
  • Coil: Coils are made up of several parts—atomizer, coil, wicking and housing. The atomizer has a positive and a negative pole. When electrified, the poles generate heat in the wire that connects them, turning liquid into vapor. A coil is a wire that winds in the shape of a coil which connects the poles and receives their electrical charge. Wicking is a material (organic cotton is the most popular) put in place to draw liquid from the tank to the coils where it’s heated into vapor. Finally, a metal housing encases all of these vape tank components.

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