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Is It Okay to Smoke Out of a Silicone Pipe?

September 18, 2020

As Orlando’s premier smoke shop, we get a lot of questions about the newest products hitting the market, as well as new types of devices people are thinking about checking out. Smoking devices now come in so many materials, colors and styles that it can be hard to keep up, but that’s where we come in. We’re always ready to advise our customers on what could best suit their smoking style, as well as what materials are safe. Our customers’ satisfaction is our highest priority, so if you have questions about silicone pipes in Orlando, read on for some useful... View Article

Four Reasons to Clean Your Smoking Devices

September 7, 2020

Over time, regular use of a glass smoking device leads to a buildup of ash and nasty residue. This accumulation is especially noticeable in clear glass devices, but it occurs with every piece. The residue isn’t just unattractive—it has some significant negative impacts on your smoking experience. Keep reading to learn more about wax vs. shatter in Orlando and the reasons to clean your smoking devices: Basic hygiene: Smoking is, by nature, a social event. Even if you’re passing your device back and forth among close friends and family, you’ve still got to be mindful of germs and bacteria. Passing... View Article

What Is a Dab Rig?

August 24, 2020

Pipes, bongs, vaporizers and bubblers are just a few of the most common consumption devices in the smoking industry, but dab rigs are becoming some of the most popular products in the industry. Instead of lighting your herb directly, a dab rig involves inhaling “dabs” of concentrated plants and herbs. These dabs of goopy oil are placed on an item called a nail before being inhaled. Continue reading to learn everything there is to know about a dab rig in Orlando. How to use your dab rig Using a dab rig is a little bit more complicated than any other... View Article

Why Is It So Important to Clean Your Smoking Device?

August 3, 2020

Anyone who has ever had the good fortune to sit down and enjoy the benefits of a glass pipe understands the power of a good smoking device. They are beautiful works of art, reflections of both craftsmanship and your personal aesthetic. Of course, along with pipe ownership comes the routine chores associated with owning anything nice: cleaning it. Pipe cleaning in Orlando, FL is vital for a wide variety of reasons. The fight against resin When you first purchase your pipe, it comes as a pristine piece of glass, showing off its truest colors for anyone to see. As it... View Article

How Often Should I Clean a Glass Pipe?

July 20, 2020

If you’re the proud owner of one or more glass pipes in Orlando, FL, you’ll understand how important it is to keep your pipe clean. As you smoke, you will likely notice a thick black goop forming along the inside of your once-pristine piece. Not to worry! It’s known as resin, and it’s just part and parcel of enjoying an occasional smoke with a glass pipe. The formation of resin in your pipe just means that it will need regular cleanings. Depending on the size of your pipe and the frequency with which you use it, it will likely require... View Article

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