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Choosing Your Ideal Vaping Device

December 23, 2020

When you visit an Orlando vape and smoke shop, you will see numerous devices designed for e-liquid and tobacco smoking. It can be challenging to decide which type appeals to you more, as they all have their advantages and disadvantages. To help you with your shopping experience, here are five types of vaping devices and their benefits: Cig-a-like: The cig-a-like was the first vaping device on the market and designed to resemble a cigarette in size and shape. Each cig-a-like contains battery and flavor cartridges. You activate it by inhaling. Cig-a-likes handle up to 24 mg of nicotine, and some... View Article

Choosing Your New Favorite E-Liquid

December 9, 2020

There are many options when choosing your e-liquid in Orlando. Many people focus on flavor but ignore other considerations, and that can reduce their enjoyment of vaping. Fortunately, there is a way to valance all the elements of a good e-liquid and find your ultimate vape. Here are five factors to consider when seeking a new e-liquid: Flavor: We admit it—consider flavor first. If you do not enjoy the taste, then your entire vaping experience is for naught. Fortunately, there is something out there for everyone. For example, vape flavors include such varieties as pizza, fruit punch, watermelon and cake.... View Article

Metal Screens vs. Glass Screens: What You Should Know

November 12, 2020

Screens are a popular accessory for people in Orlando who enjoy smoking out of pipes or bongs. You might use them every time you smoke or only every now and then, but whatever your needs may be, it’s important to have a high-quality screen that will also give you a high-quality smoke. Pipe screens are extremely beneficial in that they prevent ash from flying into your mouth while smoking. They also preserve the tobacco you have in the bowl, rather than letting it get burned up and going unused, which means you get full consumption of your herb. When choosing... View Article

Are Metal Screens Safe to Smoke Out Of?

October 29, 2020

Pipe and bong screens in Orlando are designed to keep the pieces of tobacco in the bowl or cone, rather than in your mouth or in the water. Without using a screen, you’re more likely to end up getting some ash into your throat, which will cause coughing fits and a more uncomfortable smoking experience. It also prevents you from wasting any tobacco during your smoking session. Metal screens can be made to fit just about any shape or size of bowl in a smoking device. Glass screens need a much more precise fit and cannot be molded in the... View Article

The Best Desktop Vaporizers for 2020

October 2, 2020

Smoking with a desktop vaporizer is an experience that will quickly leave you wondering why you hadn’t tried it earlier. It’s fast becoming one of the preferred ways for our customers to enjoy their smoking experience, and we’re proud to carry everything you need to start in on this new technique. Now that we’re all spending more time at home thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, desktop vaporizers are more attractive than ever. They offer an enjoyable way to enjoy your smoking via the baking of dry tobacco so as to produce vapor. 2020 has seen some great developments in the... View Article

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