February 2, 2024

"New Galaxy Gifts has been an absolute BLESSING!!! Heres I have extended experience with THC/Hemp products...its been the only thing that has ever helped my anxiety..with that said I have always lived in a recreational state and since moving to FL I have had a hard time finding nething that will help with the anxiety until I get my med card for FL. I know of all the benefits of Delta 8 products but most places u go know zero about the product and seems like u have no idea what you're actually smoking. At New Galaxy Gifts they not only know what they are selling but they don't try to push you into the more expensive product..that last part is HUGE for me! They like to get an understanding of what you're looking for and then base there recommendation off of that. Every employee ive ever seen working in there has been polite and ALWAYS greeted me with a huge smile.....with the ever changing landscape that is Hemp/THC products its nice to have a safe place to go where i can get what helps me as well as having great conversations while there. 1000000% would recommend shopping here! -SpacemanDucky"
January 28, 2024

"Really great service! Super helpful"
January 27, 2024

"CJ hooked it up"
December 9, 2023

"CJ was very helpful in finding exactly what I needed and gave me plenty of recommendations. Very knowledgeable and great energy. Thanks!"
December 2, 2023

"Very nice cashier, fair prices"
New Galaxy Gifts